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What is FinMol ?

FinMol is an extraordinary interactive molecular structure viewer that runs on mobile platforms. FinMol allows you to fluently download, view, manipulate, and present macromolecules, including protein, DNA, RNA or any other structures that are in protein databank(PDB) format.

Green Fluorescent Protein

Remarkable Graphics

FinMol allows making presentation of molecules easy and fun. Different ways of representing molecule structures, including ribbon, cartoon, bond, stick, sphere rendations, can be adaptably applied to different levels of the molecule entities. The whole molecule object, chains, residues, or individial atoms can have different rendation, as well as their colors.

Please check out our gallery.

Flexible Controls

FinMol let you control your molecule in a more fluent way than you would expect. For example, you can move, room, and rotate object as you like with your finger gestures, or simply using the accelerometer to manipulate. Inspection or selection of your molecule composition are as simple as tapping on the screen or using our inovative and easy-to-use browser.


Latest News

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FinMol is new available on Apple App Store for $4.99!
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Remarkable Graphics

FinMol allows fine control over reprentations of difference molecular units. Publication grade presentation is just a few finger taps away.

F1-ATPase Motor

Customizable Representations

Ribbon Representation
Shows the trace of backbone of the molecule

Cartoon Representation
Shows the schematic rendation of loop, alpha-helix, beta-sheet, and D(R)NA loops

Line Representation
Shows chemical bonds with lines

Line Representation
Shows chemical bonds with bold cylinders, good for ligand display

Sphere Representation
Shows atoms as spheres

Various Tools

Color Tool
Colors selected element with solid color, by secondary structure or atom types

Ruler Tool
Measures distant between selected atom pair

Label Tool
Labels selected molecular element


Flexible Controls

FinMol allows manipulation and selection of different levels of molecular entities taking advantage of multi-touch input.

FinMol allows selecting/deselecting entities by tapping or using the molecule browser. Whole objects, chains, residues, or atoms can be individually controlled.

Molecule can also be manipulated by multi-touch gestures, including rooming, panning, scaling, and rotating. In addition you can use the accelerometer to rotate the molecule by tilting your device. This is our favourate feature. You have to try it!

Image gallery

The following are a few examples of actual screenshots.